Lando Labour Day Update

Good Day!

I know I've been derelict in my duty to post here more often,
but things in Lando have been quite busy!

The Lando Labour Day Parade and festival was such a
huge success this year! I think we wrapped up the
summer of 2008 quite nicely!

Here are a few more photos from the Labour Day Parade and Festival...

Mrs. Mayor Stoner's Sister, Eunice

Ray Crouse and his boy, Randy

One of our local Shriner's from the
Ali Babba Temple of the Shrine

Peggy Cabot's Sheep

Shaka Zulu

Mr. T

Miss Teen Lando,
Sybilene Bradshaw
(Elverna's baby girl)

Lando Concert Orchestra

Gumby's Mom!

Dirk Crouse

Chief Wiggum and Rodney Remington
have some comfy seats for the parade!

After the parade, Mrs. Mayor Stoner told me she was going to
check out a few of the Labour Day Sales!
Mrs. Mayor Stoner

Here are just a few of the sale notices from around Lando...

This last one caught my eye, and one part in particular...

You see that? The more you buy, the more you save!

Well, let me tell you, the female of our species dont interpret that the same as the men folk!

I'm here to tell you that Mrs. Mayor Stoner took that message to heart!

The way she sees it is like this...

If an item normally costs $20, and it's on sale for, say, $10,
then the store will tell you that if you buy it, you are saving $10.
That may be true, but it fails to consider:
a) You may never have considered buying that item
2) It would NEVER have sold at $20
c) you dont NEED that item, and
.) it's still over-priced at $10!
Here's where it gets good!

When Mrs. Mayor Stoner comes across such an offer,
her mind immediately goes like this:
a) I need THAT.
2) It's on Sale!
c) I'm saving $10!
5) I just EARNED $10!
That's the biggie right there, number 5!!!

Even though we all know that if it had just been sitting on the
shelf for $10 she would have walked right on by, but, NO...,
since it's 'on sale', she HAS to have it!

AND she's making $10 on the deal!

So, in her mind, she now has an additional $10...
To buy something else!

And so it goes...ALL DAY LONG!

So, by the end of the day she's spent an entire month's salary
but she 'saved' ten times that much.

She's planning on using the 'extra' money to remodel our den
and get some new furniture for our veranda!

Please, God, dont let it be on sale!!!

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