Earth Day

I think that this was the best cank festival in Lando history!
Somebody told me that we used just over 3 tons of cank!

Well, the fun never stops in Lando. Today is the big Earth Day Celebration.
We've been doing this ever since ol' Doc Houge started it back in 1969!

Today is the second largest celebration we have. Everybody in Lando is Earth concious.

All the schools and businesses and government offices are closed today.
We send ALL the school buses around to collect as many people that want to come, and bring them into town. The buses run most all day long. As a matter of fact we'll use about 25% of the allotted budget for fuel on this one day! That's a lot of driving.

Down town we have about a hundred booths set up with gas grills or cotton candy machines or ice cream and shaved ice machines all humming along. We have to run extra cables and get the power company to max out the grid just so we can light it all up!

We bring in a carnival company so we can have a sort of midway set up with games and rides and such. Those guys bring in a few generators to make sure it all runs smoothly.

We'll sell about 2,500 pounds of barbeque that's been slow cooked over kiln dried hickory.
We also have french fries, elephant ears, polish sausage, cole slaw, corn dogs, yeast rolls, and corn on the cob!

This is one big feast!

It's a good thing that the cank festival ended on Saturday so we could have a rest for a couple of days before the big Earth Day celebration kicks off!

All told we'll end up with an extra 10 to 15 tons of waste for the landfill from this one festival alone. That's mainly because we have so many folks driving in from all over the state!

Of course, not all of what they get goes in the landfill.
Most folks have two or three styrefoam take home plates, and, obviously, the porta-johns are all full, too!!!

If you can get by today and celebrate Earth Day, you wont regret it!

And remember to you your part to reduce your impact on the earth, just like we all do here in Lando!

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